Thursday, February 12, 2009

Winter Fun!

Good Day To You!

As I'm sure you all know, I am a strong believer in having fun. No matter if it's rain or shine, I can almost always find some fun activity to do in my red hat with my red hat ladies. Now that the weather has become quite cold and snowy, the activities seem to be limited, but I won't let that stop me!

One of the best ideas that I have come up with for the winter months is ice skating. Whether you want to go to an indoor ice rink or skate outside at your local park, I'm sure you will have a blast doing it. Wear a purple t-shirt under your purple sweatshirt and finally a purple rhinestone zipper jacket on top. This way, you will stay warm, comfortable and stylish while you're outside in the cold.

Maybe you can find a local spot that displays gorgeous ice sculptures. There is a place close to my home that holds an annual ice carving contest. It is so much fun looking at the beautiful detail and appreciating the hard work that went into making these sculptures.

At night when the weather is bitter cold, stay inside with your red hat women for a slumber party. Wear your comfy purple pajamas and stay inside to watch movies and share stories. I think this would be the perfect ending to a fun-filled winter day.

Until Next Time,

Queen Diva Dishberry

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