Monday, September 29, 2008

Go Visit Local Spekers and Events

Dearest Red Hat Sisters,

I had lunch yesterday afternoon with my granddaughter who has started college classes again this fall. She told me about events that her college, Oakland University, provides for students and also for the community. I never knew that Universities had so many notable and intriguing guests. Whoever you decided to hear speak, make sure you wear your best red hat, like the delightful Alice, and lovely purple outfit.

Local colleges and universities in your town are not the only places to discover these free and captivating speakers. Book stores frequently host similar events with popular and influential authors. This could spark a book club within your red hat society chapter too. Choose some of our fantastic red hat books, or venture out and pick one of your favorite books from childhood.

The best part is that most of these speaking events are free to the public. Which, to my red hat sisters and I, only means one thing: more money to spend on a new red hat!

Until next time,
Queen Diva Dishberry

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fall Fun at the Cider Mill

Red Hat Ladies,

It's official. Summer has come to a close, and fall is on its way. I spent the past weekend putting my grill into storage, my summer clothes into bins, and my fading tan into a distant memory. But as the season and trees transform into autumn, I decided to embrace the idea of cozy sweaters and hot tea mornings.

To kick off the harvest season, we grabbed some fall hats, my favorite is the Eleanor, and made an outing to a local cider mill where we could partake in the fall festivities. Nothing encompasses the idea of autumn more than dough nuts, cider and a hay ride. So we bundled up in our red hat jackets and red hat sweatshirts to enjoy the fall weather.

Plan a day of fall fun with your red hat sisters and enjoy the simple pleasures of fall! You can plan an entire day at the cider mill, apple orchard, pumpkin patch or simply enjoy hot cider outside while watching the leaves change.

Until Next Time,
Queen Diva Dishberry