Friday, June 20, 2008

Go See "HATS-The Musical"

Hello To My Dazzling Red Hat Sisters!

This past weekend, I took a little trip with my chapter to see “HATS- The Musical,” and it far surpassed my expectations. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, I highly encourage you to plan a day trip with your chapter to go and enjoy this masterpiece.

The musical is a story of a woman named Mary-Anne, who is dreading her big 50th birthday. However, her whole view on her age changes after she meets the vivacious ladies of the Red Hat Society. She finds a new life with her friends, and enjoys the exciting and fun new happenings in her life.

I found this story to be so inspiring, that I went out and bought myself a new ensemble for my the next time I go to see this fabulous musical. I am so proud to be affiliated with such a vibrant and admirable group of ladies that I want to show my pride. I treated myself to the Purple 3/4 Sleeve Dress paired with the Summer red hat, and a brand new Feather Boa. I can’t wait to step out for the show in my brand new regalia. Ladies, take my advice and go see “HATS-The Musical” as soon as you can. I promise it will be an experience you will never forget!

Until Next Time,
Queen Diva Dishberry

Friday, June 06, 2008

Charity Functions For Your Red Hat Chapter

My Dear Red Hat Sisters,

I was just thinking about all of the wonderful things we do together with our chapters, and I realized all of the potential we have to spread this joy! Why not plan a fabulous event that is exciting and fun like usual, but this time incorporate a charity into it? We can volunteer our time at a soup kitchen, bring some sparkle to a nursing home, or plan an entire bake sale to raise money for a charity.

My favorite activity is a bake sale, and has some great tools for a simply spectacular one! The Instant Diva Apron would be absolutely perfect for you to start baking cookies, cakes, and other desserts. Plus, the Diva High Heel Cookie Cutter is just perfect for adding a personal Red Hat touch to our cookies.

Please let me know about the charities your Red Hat Chapter has helped, and best of luck to all my Red Hat sisters on all of their philanthropic endeavors!

Until Next Time,

Queen Diva Dishberry