Friday, December 12, 2008

Red Hat Christmas Gifts and Ideas

Red Hatters!

I just finished baking my one of a kind sugar cookies and the oven has radiated a luscious fragrant throughout my kitchen. With my red hat cookie cutters, creating cookies into fun size dresses, hats and tea cups is essential! Plus, decorating the red hat cookies with some red and purple sanding sugar adds a sweet touch.

These red hat treats always make the perfect gifts for my red hat sisters! For cookie protection and detailed presentation, I simple wrap each cookie in red hat treat bags and tie them closed with red and purple wraphia. A simple yet tasty red hat gift of goodness.

As a proud Grandmother, my favorite Christmas shopping to do is for my grandchildren! I'm not sure if the gift will consist of a cuddly soft animal or a mini tea set, but toys for children and teens are definitely at the top of my shopping list.

There are plenty of inexpensive purchases to embrace this gift giving season such as red hat apparel from the red tag sale, exclusive red hats, and red hat socks!

Happy Holiday Shopping Red Hatters!

Until Next Time,

Queen Diva Dishberry

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